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young avengers mcu: arden cho as kate bishop (hawkeye)

young avengers mcu: arden cho as kate bishop (hawkeye)

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when something you blacklisted shows up on your dash anyway


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贺图 | xxxfeifei [pixiv]


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Wow, I definitely did not mean to go so long between recommending CAPTAIN AMERICA fics! I’m definitely still reading in this fandom, though, I’ve turned more towards reading longer ones, which means I’ve slowed down a bit. On the other hand, I just opened up, like, ten relatively short tabs on AO3 to go reading tonight, so, you know, I have no self control in this fandom. As is usual.

broken pieces (the rough edges remix) by legete, steve/bucky, 2.1k

It’s wrong, he knows it’s wrong, but sometimes Bucky prefers the nightmares that actually happened.

Talk Dirty to Me by PeetaPan, steve/bucky, NSFW, wall sex, 2.5k

Steve spends months tracking Bucky down, and when he eventually find him, it’s in a nightclub in Europe.

the body adrift by Febricant, steve/bucky + sam, mildy nsfw, 4.2k

Steve has no drawings of Bucky from before. Those are all gone, destroyed in the war or by his own hand; it wouldn’t do for anyone to see how easily the details came from memory, how often Bucky was in his thoughts.

and we are finally home by springsoldier, sam & bucky + steve/bucky + sam/natasha, 7.3k

The Winter Soldier shows up in Sam’s kitchen, one morning. He deals with it. (Natasha helps. Steve would, if they let him.)

Tony Stark and the Illegal Cross-Country Road Trip from Hell by ActionAddiction, steve/bucky + tony + sam + clint + natasha + fury, 17.7k wip

A stir-crazy genius, a secretly sentimental assassin, two soldiers lost in time, and an undercover archer without an identity zigzag across the continental United States in Fury’s stolen van. Or: How Bucky Met Steve (Again)

all my heroes (have now become ghosts) by sammykinz, steve/bucky + sam + natasha, 5.4k

Bucky’s face is gaunt and covered in stubble, and he licks his chapped lips. His voice is rusty from disuse when he speaks: “Why do you call me that?”

Didn’t know I was lonely till I saw your face by gunboots, steve/bucky + bucky/natasha + sam + bruce + tony + xavier, 2.9k

There are words on paper, actors in movies, and a grand story that fills a whole corner of a museum defined by history. There are words, there are pictures, there are movies, but they’re limited, fragmented. They can’t do justice to the sniper that Captain America trusted, the man that grew into a boy in the streets of Brooklyn with his best friend at his side. The man that could be James Buchanan Barnes leaves a legacy that is barely defined. The man that Steve Rogers says he is.

the inaccuracy of historical wartime dramas by Mici (noharlembeat), steve/bucky + sam + natasha, 3k

(or: Steve has feelings, and shouldn’t ever watch television)

The Shape I’m In by radialarch, steve/bucky, 2.6k

[AU where Bucky never fell.] They win the war. Steve and Bucky come home and deal with their feelings.

Strawberries in Wintertime by Sholio, steve & bucky & sam & natasha & sharon, 3.2k

Or, how Sam’s apartment turns into a hangout for superheroes, spies, and rogue assassins.

This Lonely Hour Before Daybreak by TheOnlyCheeseLeft, steve & bucky + sam + natasha, 2.9k

Steve knew there would be good days and bad days. That’s how this sort of thing worked. Except sometimes, the bad days go like this.

Almond, Clavicle, Orchid by kvikindi, steve & bucky & sam & natasha, 4.5k

You say, “I don’t know what I am.” “It’s okay not to know,” Steve tells you. His face is very careful. But you know. You know that it’s not okay.

you can’t fly on dinosaurs, bucky by scorpionbythesea, steve & bucky & clint, humor, 1.2k

Based off the tumblr post by embracingthemadness and the tag that followed: steve and bucky making up random stories from their past and convincing the other avengers that it actually happened (◡‿◡✿) #there’s no way you guys fought nazi dinosaurs

Fly on the Wings of Love by Omnicat, steve & bucky & sam & natasha & tony & clint + some background pairings, domesticity, 13.2k

The Wings: Bucky just wants to show his appreciation for everything Sam has done for Steve. Of course, Tony Stark’s middle name is ‘needlessly difficult’. The Love: Bucky tries to set Natasha up with Sam. He’s a bit late for that party, but he managed to find Steve’s shield and replace Sam’s wings: he’ll come up with something for her.

full details + recs inside!

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Because skinny!Steve just falls apart when Bucky gets inside of him and this fanart is so hot it should be illegal (x)


Because skinny!Steve just falls apart when Bucky gets inside of him and this fanart is so hot it should be illegal (x)

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carpe diem - seize the day

carpe noctem - seize the night

carpe natem - seize the ass

Seriously, if you guys don’t stop reblogging this I am going to carpe someone’s neck and break it.

carpe collum - seize the neck

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okay but can we talk about daddy!stevebucky and their daughter together: