…I fucking love tumblr.

although I will take fanfiction as an alternative.


Tumblr makes you realize just how much of a pervert you really are…

I like it.

Watch a Movie, get an OTP,

Saddened when there is barely any fanfiction out there for them.

such wasted potential.

When you want to follow all of the pornz!!

but can’t because of little children/parents/siblings in the house hovering all the time.

gotta be a ninja about everything…

Okay, Now I KNOW I have issues…

wtf people?

I’ve spent so many years reading yaoi (and yuri) that I’m actually have problems reading HET?

I can’t believe this shit, I skipped right over that part of the story without even realizing it. I just couldn’t even.

Yaoi, what HAVE you done to me?

At the Library…..

Don’t be lookin’ over my shoulda’ when I’m scrollin’, it’ll rot your brain.

I’ve finally hit 18…

The ‘are you old enough to read this’ questions that usually appear before the majority of the fanfiction I read are irrelevant now.


Forever getting in the way of my homework productivity output levels.

REBLOG if you want your followers to anonymously tell you what they would do if they were trapped in your bedroom with you for 24 hours.